The Grail Knight

Updated: Jun 4

his battle was long

and his head is weary

but his heart is strong

Probably one of my most favourite cards and favourite characters. Always a fan of the Arthurian legend as a child ~ a book I pored over in great detail, wondering where the magical Camelot was now. Of course the tale is of Percival - the actual grail knight - he who found the grail with his inner wisdom and inner courage and sacrifice to his king.

The tale here is of the wounded knight who has given his all. We often expect our saviour to be a knight in shining armour ~ but the reality and honesty of the grail knight is that who is broken and literally on his knees ~ his armour does not shine. He has been through battle and he is valiant and strong and courageous and above all he is loyal and committed.

When the grail knight comes he speaks his truth. He tells of hardened battles and weary body. The way is hard and victories may be small, however the honour is in knowing that the battles were inner and by winning we are triumphing in our own personal way. Small things may be big wins.

He signifies love of the greatest kind. He loves openly and is open to love. There is no perfection ~ only honest pure love. Love yourself in order to open your heart to the love of another. The love is sacred and raw. It lives on the shadow path by the light of the moon and it reflects two ways like a mirror. Receive and give and it all shall be yours.