The Moon Energy Deck

The sun watches

what I do,

but the moon knows

all my secrets.

~ Jm Wonderland 

~ via (Quotes 'nd Notes)

A set of 56 cards to capture and work with the energy of the moon.


theMOONENERGYdeck was created to work with the phases of the moon.


A deck to harness and understand each of the moons phases and its corresponding energies.

The cards were completely self published ~ created by Christine and Julie in 2017.

The first edition was released for sale on 17th October 2017. It was featured in Spirit and Destiny magazine in February 2018 as a much loved independent deck.


There were only 200 copies released.

TheMOONENERGYdeck is currently out of print but may be available again as a new edition.


Never say never.