Curiouser and Curiouser

I must admit I'm a bit of a curiosity shop hunter so many objects used are found and cannot be credited, however they are to be wondered at for the unique and amazing things that they are
and the stories they have to tell. 

I have to thank many people for their involvement in this huge project and also some fabulous artists
whose creations I have used. Thank you for your creative gifts that you give to the world.

The deck was created all with my own photography on location in and around Ely and Cambridge.
I am blessed to live in such a picturesque and unique area.

Credits & Thanks


with many thanks to the lovely Barbara at Baj Pendulos
for her beautifully crafted pendulums.

Card 35 - THE TIN MAN

The best tin robots ever ~ Timothy David Olsen - The Cog Detective

Card 38 - THE SEA BIRD

ceramic artist Sally Walkinshore - The Happy Birder

glass artist Marcel Rensmaag

and for putting up with my madness and helping to interpret the cards
and for their fabulous proofreading skills... thank you all

Louise Reason

Ceri-Ann Pixie-Worthy

Julie Peake

Aodaoin Hathaway
Mary Wolfe

& my sister Julie

thank you all